A very different Valley

building an ecosystem on the new Zenon Network of Momentum

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Maximizing delegation rewards

Check out the detailed list of pillars along with the estimated delegation reward here. Note that the values can change from time to time. In case of Momentum rewards, they are shared equally between all delegators. Delegating to a pillar with a lower weight ensures you get more of the rewards. Delegation rewards don’t take into consideration pillars weight. Make sure to follow the telegram pillar tracker made by @vilkris to be up to date to the newest changes.

The first project just landed!

Meet our free plasma telegram bot. The first 200 users to use the bot will be fused 50 QSR. In the future the project might change, by revoking some old entries to allow new users to receive on-demand plasma. Feel free to fork the code on GitHub.


If you want to support such initiatives, you can delegate to the alien-valley.io pillar. Note that the pillar has a 50% Delegation reward, meaning that some ZNNs will be received by the pillar. In the future delegators will be rewarded, but at the moment, any contribution is highly appreciated.


plasma telegram bot
list of estimated best delegation rewards
Medium post explaining what alien-valley does
Find a way to determine how much each address has delegated to the pillar